Autumn is here, one of my favorite seasons (as if I have a lot to choose from)…but I do love the crispness of the fall air the changing of the leaves and the hour I will get back in my day when time falls back

Now, Summer has gone it is time to do some Fall cleaning. Most people think of cleaning for the Spring cleaning and are far too busy with school, sports seasons and holidays to think of adding another chore, like seasonal cleaning to their to do list.

However, if you are selling or planning to sell your home, you want to sell it quickly so your life or at least your home, can be settled by the upcoming holiday season. Now is the time. While the weather is on your side (unless it is already snowing in your area) purge your house of excess stuff. Organize a garage sale and make a few extra buck. You can use this as an excuse to spruce up your house for buyers. If your home is “move in ready” then take the extra money and take the family to lunch while your realtor hosts an open house. Don’t forget you can even donate unused and unwanted items to a charity, this can help you reduce your tax liability for the year, give you a sense of accomplishment and help others.

Here are a few tips to use when getting your home ready for listing:

1) Be real with yourself…

Those clothes that you are waiting to fit in or are no longer your style give them to an organization that helps others with their clothing needs; such as Dress for Success or a local homeless shelter.

2) Gadgets

If you haven’t used a gadget in a while or don’t even remember what it is supposed to do, sell it!! There are plenty of sites that you can find online where you can go and sell your old phone, laptop, even those antiquated apple products. Don’t just throw them in the trash, not only are you throwing away money but harming the environment by not disposing properly.

3) More things = higher moving expenses

Old baby items, older TV’s, even unwanted furniture, should be given away, donated or discarded. Here is your time for a fresh start in a new home, do not bring old baggage. Not to mention these things will add to your labor time and costs (possibly even weight restrictions if moving out-of-state or cross country)

4) Brighten up your home

Capitalize on the natural lighting in your house. Good light is something that buyers look for when purchasing a home. So take down those curtains, clean the windows, even use some of that new found garage sale money to change out the lampshades and replace light bulbs. By making it bright and sunny it well make your home present in a positive and aesthetically pleasing light.

5) Curb Appeal

Don’t just clean the inside!! Because buyers will view the outside before they do the inside, it is crucial that you give the appearance that not only is the landscaping immaculate but that the inside is pristine and polished as well. You will not only attract more buyers because of this but sell your home faster.

Depending on your time and budget all of these can be achieved with relative ease. If you are creatively challenged you should try Pinterest, they have lots of great ideas that fits all kinds of styles and personalities. Once you have gathered ideas make a family event out of it. You will achieve two things, spending quality time with your family and creating a more presentable and marketable home.