How many times can someone tell you that what you are planning is totally WRONG!! Not  one, two or even a dozen voices!!! THOUSANDS of people have petitioned, boycotted, held numerous seminars, meetings and committees to stop this project from ever happening. And their efforts have been thwarted at every turn.

You have pushed through, against the behest of the taxpayers, to get your project approved. And your JUST now seeing that it was a bone head move, that will cost millions of dollars in fees, to get out of. The company that you have contracted to build these toll lanes (that won’t do much, if anything, to help with congestion), is defunct. As though the track record of Cintra wasn’t enough to see that they were not the vendor to select for a project that no one wanted. If you were going to have these lanes completed no matter, then at least get a reputable company who finishes ahead of schedule and under budget without cutting corners. Not a company whose has numerous law suits, bankruptcy filings and numerous complaints have plagued quite a few city budgets.

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I enjoy living in North Carolina and am especially happy that I chose Charlotte as my home, but to see some of the political moves that are made here, regardless of what the people have to say, reminds me of where I came from, Washington D.C. Where politics are just as prevalent as red light cameras. Yes, politics are everywhere but why is that we have to keep paying for mistakes because others fail to listen or at least run the numbers and do the research, effectively?